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  • Mood: Lazy
sorry for the lack of art recently, i have actually been drawing, but im such a lazy shit, most done get finished and not even scanned.
ill try to put up sketched and whatnot
but my lack of graphics tablet is bothering me,
but again its because im a lazt shit and just havent got the softweare needed yet.
ohhh such is my life.

on a side note, for anyone who is interested in my personal life keep reading,
if you just like my art, then dont worry about it.

anyway, i finally got a councellor, in the hopes that they could help actually diagnose me with GID (gender identity disorder)
but alas it is not so, they arnt 'trained' in that area, its just general councelling.
im going to stick with it, you never know whats up in my brain :P
so far all she has said is that my pearents seem to be quite controlling and overprotective.
i knew this already, but i diddnt think it would affect me so much. meh phycology
if i want to talk to someone specific about gender issues then i have to talk to my gp.
but again im a lazy asshole and cant be motivated to leave my house much.

different points in my life, Uni is fun, but i just need to get work done is all.

Cosplay: i have re lit my love for, and have found mates that are equally excited about it.
im helping them as they are newbies, but im not exactaly a profesional myself :P
cosplay plans are as follows: (finished ones and in the process of finishing)(not for perticular events)

Envy (FMA) - finished (but have lost one of the gloves so will have to re-make)
Agito (Air Gear) - finished (need to style wig)
John egbert - finished
John Egbert God teir - hve the top made so far...
Equius - (idk why) Done, but need wig
Gamzee - finished
Kurloz - finished
Sollux - finished
Rose - done, need wig
Sufferer Masqurade - Done
Rin Okumara (blue Exorsist) - made the tail so far...

want to do:
Dave Strider - broken record
Dave Strider - God teir
Jack Frost
Fur Suit - of my wolf character Tom

yeahhhhhhh i like cosplay lol :P
also along those lines. im going to the MCM in london on May. Saturday as agito and sunday as Sollux.
im auditioning for the homestuck pannel on sunday for sollux, so if i get the part ill be sollux in the afternoon.

so yeah, to sum up,
im alive
lazy as hell
and like planning cosplay :P


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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
YO! :3
i will draw anything and everything, just ask.
i am up for anything you guys can throw at me!
i will do comissions too XP
probably requests!!!!

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